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Rapid Air Weapons LLC was formed in 2006 as a supplier of Precision Air Rifle components and accessories, today they manufacture, as well as supply high quality components and products for the shooting industry from their factory using the latest in CNC multi axis machines. Their staff have over 35 years experience in manufacturing components for some of the top names in the business, from Dealers to Gun makers.
In 2010 they added the ability to manufacture their own custom stock. These stocks are made by skilled craftsmen at the factory and hand finished.
The TM1000 was launched in 2011, the first rifle completely manufactured at their Tennessee factory. Soon after the launch of the TM1000 they introduced the knee riser and other associated accessories.
In 2012 the BM500 built specifically for Benchrest competitions was introduced.
In 2013 the BM500 LW (lightweight) was added for the international class for Benchrest. The same year, a top quality multi-shot side lever hunting rifle, the HM1000 was released.
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